RF_mathNodes for Autodesk™ Maya™

This is a small collection of some multi-purpose math nodes for Autodesk Maya to address the lack of some basic functionalities in the factory set of nodes.

Born from a hobby project of writing a SWIG like tool to convert some libraries to nodes automatically colliding with the frustration of missing or misplaced functionality in the standard set of available nodes which many people, at different times, have already addressed.

The large majority of these nodes are implemented as wrappers of the C++ Standard Library math/cmath functions, some are quite direct representations of those functions when it worked naturally with nodes, some needed a bit of dressing up or adding options.

Included are:

  • multiTrig Angle node for functions such as Sine, Cosine, Tangent, and Hypothenuse
  • multiTrig Arc node for functions such as ArcSine, ArcCosine, ArcTangent
  • multiFunc node with a slew of options for the most common programming math functions, all kind of stuff from basic arithmetic and algebra to sign management and comparisons
  • multiConst node all the most commonly used constants offered by cmath, such as pi and its fractions, e and its fractions etc. and a few more comp-sci oriented ones

Currently the compiles for Maya 2014 and 2013 for win64 are available.
2013ext broke binary compatibility and I don’t have an available compile yet, but it’ll come as soon as I get hold of the includes for that specific version.

As my Linux set up is currently in turmoil and just about to be re-done, if you need them for something other than Windows you will have to wait until I get around that. I’ll update the page and tweet it with the #RF_MathNodes tag when I’ll do.

A Mac version isn’t, and will not be, available, sorry. I don’t have a Mac to compile, and this isn’t something I want to circulate the source of for several reasons.

If you need builds for older versions of Maya, then you can look at CG DNA, his nodes do more or less the same things (wrap cmath), have their source available, and compiles for older versions across multiple OS’are available (just he hasn’t refreshed the builds available in a while, but they go up to 2012).
You can find them >> here <<


Enough ado, download the zip including readme and doco and the various versions below.

RF_mathNodes maya 2013, 2014 - win64 (32.4 KiB, 389 downloads)


  • Dom C. says:

    Thank you for your work and for sharing it !!

  • Thank you! and thank you for all the help on the forums.

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  • Cody C says:

    Hi, I’ve downloaded this and am really excited about trying it out, but I have no idea where to start… Once the .mll is loaded in maya, nothing really happens and I dont see a menu anywhere. Is there any documentation anywhere about how to go about using this? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, have been fairly busy.
      Once they are installed make sure in the plug-in manager that the plug-in is loaded.

      Once it is, if you open the node editor, tab to call up the node search, and punch in RF, you should see all nodes with those in the name appear, which includes mine.
      This holds true for any nodes that are offered “pure” like mine, with no specific plugin to access them.
      Alternatively you can always script in the command to add a node to the current graph, the names of the nodes themselves should be queriable from the plugin, but try getting them through the UI first.

  • Mitch says:

    If these are used in a scene and that scene is opened on a computer that doesn’t have the plugin installed, will the nodes still work?

    • Raff says:

      Not sure if I replied to this, the wp android client thinks I didn’t… Anyway, no, the way Maya works with custom nodes is by Id and/or name. If the nodes with a matching id or name (depending on file format) aren’t found installed when you open a scene they will be missing or the scene won’t open at all.
      In short, if you use them then somebody else opening the scene needs to have them available. Nodes being free and all it shouldn’t be a major problem, but they do need to be installed.

  • Simon says:

    Any hope of a multi function node with greater than 2 inputs for multply, add, subtract, etc I feel liking having a node which allows unlimited inputs for said functions would be useful.

    • Raff says:

      Yeah, I have a couple around. I just have to find a stretch of time to package the compiles for 2015 and 2013.5, might add a couple nodes at that point. Likely before the end of the month

  • MaxGyver says:


    We’re using RF_MathNodes.mll and we just upgrated to Maya 2015. Are you planning to eventually release a build for Maya 2015?

    Would be really appreciated

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