Tools and Freebies and Why:
I’m writing this because I WordPress empty menu links are tricky, so a page with some text is better.
I’m writing this because I like to write.
I’m writing this for the curious who might wonder why someone would, or would not, release their work for others to benefit from.
This is, however, absolutely irrelevant drivel. If all you want is the goodies, move on to the actual tool’s page you are interested in.

By the way, this page scores 66 on the Flesch readability test. My SEO plug says it’s acceptable, but I could do better, yet Time magazine scores way worse, so I’m cool with it. What the hell, I’m beating reader’s digest by a decimal!

So why does an individual’s website have tools that anybody can download for free?

At work I’m required to produce something to a certain level of polish and usability in a limited amount of time, and I’m bound by contractual obligation to utmost privacy, but at home it’s always been about broadening horizons, bridging the gap between theory and applied, visualizing all kind of things, or at time just stubbornly wanting to understand something that I’m not required to understand thoroughly enough past the point of being an enabled user instead of an architect.

More rarely I’ve produced things that, within the domain of what I do at home, are “finished” pieces and helpers that I use frequently enough. Those things have practically never left my storage because deploying something for other people to use is a whole different deal than using them yourself.

Over the years this resulted into an inane amount of lines punched in: most of which lost in the nowhere between moving houses or upgrading hardware. Some [lines] saved in directories and backups that will never be opened. Occasionally [snippets are] carefully archived for reference or under a delusion that I will one day polish things up and offer them to the world.
This might sound horrifying to those who don’t do any development work at home, but I’m sure those who do are most likely nodding right now.

Things are at that point now where I have enough ground covered that I thought that maybe, just maybe, some of these experiments or tools would be worth sharing. After all I have the lot hanging around already, so if something can be made available for public consumption for little added effort: Why not?

Use at your own risk, demand nothing other than what the label on the tin says, and enjoy the stuff if you have a use for it.


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