Python in Softimage Workshop Available from CGSociety

So, finally, after they trialled and betaed the system into a well polished effort, CGSociety has released their first set of TODs, and I can proudly claim I was the first one to bug them to tears about it, and have mine converted over, together with some prestigious titles that made it to the first set of releases. What they are is, or at least mine is, all the videos, literature, homework and all of the CGSociety workshop bundled and edited together preserving the week division as chapters, with the most prominent and useful of threads from the assisted workshop preserved (of course with permission of the original alumni!) as added help guiding and seeing others at work. The lot offered for about a fifth of the price. You can find it here: After so many hours spent working on mine back then, but short of the hours and strength to run it another time these days, I’m very glad it’s going to see new life and be available again instead of digitally rotting on a virtual shelf somewhere. Thanks for reading, and if you end up buying it, I hope you’ll enjoy it. It was a pleasure and … Continue Reading →