Bridging The Gap, Standard Library and Maya

Over the years I’ve found myself needing large enough, or better served, containers than what Maya provides out of the box. After years of ad hoc hacks or local, thin wrappers I decided to start cooking a more extensive and reliable wrapper/bridge between Maya’s somewhat aging facilities and some of the Standard Library facilities1)C++’s Standard Library. Having had the capital idea of leaving the Australian summer to spend time home when the weather is finger blackening cold I thought I might as well kill some time, and write about a few bits of interest as I go. The following is just about equal parts ramblings and some notions and explanations of fundamentals of C++ and how they apply, with a handful of listings to exemplify things. Maybe they’ll be of use to someone, maybe not. If you know enough Maya and enough C++ to cobble together a plugin, but not quite enough to risk tossing around raw pointers and pointer arithmetic, and intend to use the Standard Library containers, this could be for you. If you are an intermediate programmer with enough knowledge of C++ and the Standard Library, then this might all be obvious and trivial. If you are … Continue Reading →